As a child I always loved watching and  listening to my Mum in the kitchen as she would teach me skills of how to bake. I've always found fun in creating by hand and this passion soon transferred into the kitchen.

As I grew older, I naturally became very fond of baking and developed quite a sweet tooth.

In high school if it were a friends birthday, I would stay up late the night before (instead of doing my homework) and bake them a cake to bring into school for the group to feast on during recess. I would often bake with whatever I could find in the pantry at home, On a few occasions my Mum would decide to bake one of her famous cakes or deserts, only to find someone had used all the caster sugar or butter, 'oops wasn't me I swear..'

I had worked in the Hospitality industry for almost 10 years and was lucky enough to undergo a traineeship in my early days. Both experience and qualification has enabled me to gain important skills which certainly still reflect the way I work in the kitchen today.


 In 2015 is where I really begun to find a passion in creating cakes and cake decorating, my world had been turned upside down after just losing my Mum in late 2014. Baking cakes soon became a comfort for me, a time where I could wind down and put all my focus and emotion into creating something beautiful and scrumptious. I began practising recipes and spent chunks of my days Instagramming like crazy and reading all I could find on cake decorating. I was quickly sinking into a world I didn't even know existed and was loving it! During this time I was always making cakes for family and friends and giving out treats for feedback in return. A year had past and after much practice, trial and error, I turned my loved hobby into a part time business and launched Honey-Belle Cakery! I was still of course working a full time job at this time, juggling the two and reminding myself to breath.

Over the years I have gained a great deal of knowledge while navigating my way in this unique, creative industry. This knowledge has lead me to really find my own style and place in this cake world.

Now, Honey-Belle Cakery is a full time business of mine that I am so glad I stuck to and gave the effort and time it deserved. Honey-Belle Cakery is a small but forever flourishing business. This means there will constantly be so much for me to absorb and learn just like any great, growing business.

I will never aim to satisfy everyone, however I do aim to create a product I am truly proud of that reflects not only my hard work in the kitchen but my passion for what I do. At Honey-Belle Cakery you're guaranteed that the whole product has solely been made by me, from the cake batter to the frostings, fillings, jams and curds. The flavour experience is taken as seriously as the outer design!  after all, life is too short to be eating bad cake!

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