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 Hi That's me, Chelsea..

Owner, Head Baker & Creator of Honey-Belle Cakery.

I have always appreciated the beauty of nature, stunning sights, smells and good food.

I am happiest when I am creating something by hand. I grew up in a small rural environment surrounded by fresh produce, flowers and plenty of homemade baked goods...all of which have heavily influenced my creative soul that shaped my brand.

Once just a young girl listening and watching my own Mum in the kitchen as she taught me skills of how to bake, to now tuning into my own creativity, abilities, and experience and expressing them in best way possible- cake!


My Cake journey started after having a pretty rough 2015, I was going through some heavy life experiences at a young age and a whirl wind of new emotions. I found myself seeking comfort from two things that made me happy- Creating and Baking. This became a time for me to wind down and put all my focus and emotion into creating something amazing in the kitchen. I began reading, 'gramming, YouTubing, practicing and making a lot of cakes for friends and family for feedback in return. I was sinking myself into the crazy, creative world of ‘Caking’ that I didn’t even knew existed previously. A year had past and in 2016 I decided to turn my hobby into a small side hustle and name it Honey-Belle Cakery!

My business has become more full time over the years and is growing organically in its own way.

I have made some amazing friendships and connections over the years through my line of work. I have loved the feeling of meeting lovely clients and couples who have entrusted me to create something stunning and delicious that brings happiness to their souls and bellies! 

Our aim-

At Honey-Belle, our aim is to provide you with the best cake eating experience possible. We use only the best ingredients in our baking and are passionate about the taste and quality of our cakes, just as much as their appearance. In a community filled with lots of different cake makers, Honey-Belle Cakery is dedicated to keeping its reputation of creating unique, bespoke, un-repeatable, bold, delicious cakes. We love attracting customers and clients that love us for us and are drawn to Honey-Belle for its individuality and originality. We love to listen and connect with our amazing cake comrade and like-minded, small creative businesses within our Maitland, Hunter and Newcastle community.

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