At Honey-Belle, our aim is to provide you with the best cake eating experience possible. We use only the best ingredients in our baking and are passionate about the taste and quality of our cakes, just as much as their appearance. In a community filled with lots of different cake makers, Honey-Belle Cakery is dedicated to keeping its reputation of creating unique, bespoke, un-repeatable, bold, delicious cakes. We love attracting customers and clients that love us for us and are drawn to Honey-Belle for its individuality and originality. We love to listen and connect with our amazing cake comrade and like-minded, small creative businesses within our Maitland, Hunter and Newcastle community.

Hi That's me up there, Chelsea

Huge peanut butter fan, long black drinker (that makes me tough right?), baking addict, lover of fresh seasonal flowers and produce, a little bit sassy and a little bit sweet, Oh! and the face behind Honey-Belle Cakery! 

Once just a young girl listening and watching my own Mum in the kitchen as she taught me skills of how to bake, to now tuning into my own creativity, abilities, and experience and expressing them in best way possible- cake!

My Cake journey started after having a pretty rough 2015, I was going through some heavy life experiences at a young age and a whirl wind of new emotions. I found myself seeking comfort from two things that made me happy- Creating and Baking. This became a time for me to wind down and put all my focus and emotion into creating something amazing in the kitchen. I began reading, 'gramming, practicing and making a lot of cakes for friends and family for feedback in return. I was sinking myself into the crazy, creative world of ‘Caking’ that I didn’t even knew existed previously. A year had past and in 2016 I decided to turn my hobby into a small side hustle and name it Honey-Belle Cakery!

Over the past few years Honey-Belle has been creating cakes and treats for all kinds of occasions and events from Baby Showers to Weddings. It’s been an interesting and fun ride with many changes and small re-directions.

2020, (of all years to reflect on) was the year Honey-Belle took a small pivot. I wanted to adapt a new way I could provide my product to my community; with all events, gatherings and weddings being put on hold It became almost compulsory for me to set upon this new direction. So, I decided to launch an online product range with a set menu of smaller layer cakes, specialty treats and other baked goods…and It turns out that during a pandemic, people want cake delivered straight to their doors and quick! 

As hoped, there was a natural shift created, where the online range soon became a main focus with the Weddings/Events side of my work grouped into a separate line- The Bespoke and Wedding Range.

With my online product range now in full swing alongside my bespoke range, I love that I can channel my creative skills within both to produce stunning and delicious products for any occasion.

I hope you get the chance to sink your teeth into a slice of Honey-Belle cake or a specialty treat!