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Bespoke Cakes

Justine Curran Photography

T H E   H O N E Y - B E L L E   C R E A T I V E   S T Y L E

Bespoke Cakes can be booked for any occasion. All cakes are made with care, pride, a whole lot of buttercream and creative floral flair.

I like to use my love of art, texture, contrast, colour & nature when designing and creating my bespoke cakes. There is so much beauty in seasonal flowers and fresh produce, I am passionate that all of my cakes reflect this and become the perfect balance of unique style and flavour.

I only use Swiss Meringue Buttercream to layer and coat my bespoke cakes, it is light, delicious, versatile and allows me to create many different textures and finishes.

All cakes, fillings & frostings are made from scratch using quality ingredients.

If you think our style will be a great fit for you and your event please get in touch via the contact form Here.

If we believe we are not a great fit for you or what you're after is not really up our alley of specialties, we may refer you to another trusted cake maker whom we believe will be more your cup of tea.

No two cakes are the same, each cake is unique and original. Fruits and Flowers vary seasonally

W A N T   S O M E   M O R E   I N F O   B E F O R E   Y O U   I N Q U I R E ?

Sure thing! Why not click on our full information file Here

You can find everything you need to know including sizing, pricing, current flavour menu and some helpful FAQ's.

Each cake is quoted on an individual basis. For Bespoke Cakes we have a minimum spend of $350. With most wedding clients choosing designs costing between $600-$800 for a small two tier, $900-$1100 for a large two tier and $1000- $1300 for a three tier.

R E A D Y   T O   I N Q U I R E ?

Hooray! Go right ahead and fill out the contact form below.

Please be sure to include as much information as possible about your event and take a look at the gallery portfolio below to let us know any favourites.

Once your inquiry has been received we will contact you to let you know if we are available or not. 

We make sure we have gathered all details we need to put together an initial quote.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope we can have the opportunity to create something stunning for your day.

Contact Form

My Gallery Portfolio is shown beneath the enquiry form, so please have a scroll through and pick out some of your favs so you can let me know in your form.

Out of the options below, please select how your cake will be served at your event..

In the message box below, Please let me know if you have any initial thoughts on cake design and please list what cakes take your fancy from my Gallery Portfolio below and why. Please describe your personal style and your wedding or event words like- calm, rustic, relaxed, boho, moody, vibrant, whimsical, traditional, romantic, classic, moody, formal, wintery, spring/garden, eclectic, modern, funky, indie, wild, chique, country, minimal, textural, religious, unique, quirky.

Please let me know If you or any guests have dietary requirements (GF, DF or Vegan) as I can make additional small cakes to cater for them. Feel free to list absolutely anything else you think I need to know.....

Have you had a read of the information file yet? (if not, please take thetime to do so)

Before you click submit, please double check that your email & contact details are correct.

Thank you, your form has been submitted! Be in touch soon enough.

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