Where is Honey-Belle Cakery Based?

Honey-Belle Cakery is based in Maitland NSW Australia.

How far in advance should I enquire/book?

For wedding and custom cakes there is no set ‘recommended time frame’ you should enquire...some dates will be booked out for months whereas on other dates I will have availability to accommodate an order with only little notice. I would suggest to send in your enquiry as soon as possible. I will take wedding cake bookings no further than 12 months in advance. 


How much are your cakes?

All custom cakes have a custom price because they are custom made...'have I said custom enough times?'

 The price of a cake is dependent on its size, flavour and design. You can view all sizing and starting prices on my website. These starting prices are based on a standard buttercream cake without decoration. To get a more accurate price on a cake, best to get in touch.


Can you accommodate for Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan?

Absolutely! I am very understanding of peoples dietary requirements and eating choices. It is important to me that nobody misses out, especially on dessert!

Most cake flavours on my menu can be made GF and I have a range of vegan flavour options too!

If you have only a small number of guests that require dietary’s, I can also create a small separate dessert especially for them based on their requirements.


Do you deliver?

All wedding cakes and tiered cakes are delivered.

Delivery is not an option for single tiered cakes. If you are needing your cake to be delivered this MUST be communicated in your initial enquiry. This is because spots are limited each week for deliveries.

Delivery Incurs an extra charge depending on the exact distance. This will be factored into your quote.


Paying for my cake and Deposits

A booking deposit is required to secure your order. Once paid, this is deducted from the full price of your cake. Deposits can range between 20%-50% depending on your order. Your order will not be booked and secure until your non-refundable deposit has been made. The outstanding balance will be due 7 days before your order or paid in cash on collection. 


What is your cancellation policy?

If the cake is cancelled 7 days before delivery or pick up date, you will be provided with a refund. This refund does not include your initial booking deposit amount. Deposits are strictly non-refundable! this is due to the fact that a lot of preparation goes into a cake once ordered, whether it be purchasing of ingredients, ordering stock, flowers or specific decorations needed for your cake design. To avoid being left out-of-pocket a non-refundable deposit is required for all orders.


Cake Transportation

If you’re picking up your cake, your cake will be in a box. If you do not have a helper or someone to nurse the cake in their flat lap, I recommended that your boxed cake sits flat on the passenger side floor or in the boot of the car- sounds crazy! but I assure you, it is the safest place for your traveling cake as it will move with the car. I also recommend that you pop something underneath the box like a towel or blanket so the box has something to grip on to and wont slide around the car floor. Once the cake leaves the hands of Honey-Belle Cakery, I cannot take any responsibility of damage in relation to how the cake was travelled or handled.


How do I store my cake after delivery/collection?

Your cake is best stored in the fridge up until 1-2 hours before serving. If it is the middle of winter or your cake is inside in a cold air-conditioned room it is safe to leave it out. Cakes are fragile but they are made to be shelf stable. If it is summer, you obviously need to be more cautious! Do not leave your cake outside or in the sun for very long as the frosting will melt. Cake is best eaten at room temperature so I recommend you take your cake out of the fridge 1-2 hour before cutting and serving.

My florist is going to supply my wedding cake flowers, is this ok?

If you would like to source cake florals from your florists, this is completely fine and will also mean your cake matches your floral palette! When it comes to cake florals, I do like to play around and create my own floral look for my cakes. Not only is it my skill to make and create delicious cakes, another huge part of it is my creative art of decorating the cake. I do understand that most florists have the skill of dressing a cake in florals, though having them do so takes away from my creative input. This just means if your florist has quoted you for cake flowers, I appreciate that you inform them that I prefer a range of loose flowers and foliage, NOT put together Para filmed or wired pieces. Florals can be left at the venue for me in water in a safe spot until my arrival, or arranged to be picked up another way by myself from your florist.

Alternatively, I can purchase the cake florals myself from my own trusted supplier, and match your palette as best as possible.


Do you create fondant cakes?

No, Honey-Belle Cakery strictly does not use fondant to coat cakes. Instead all cakes are filled and coated with swiss meringue buttercream or ganache.


Do you create novelty/kids cartoon character cakes?

No, Honey-Belle Cakery does not specialise in novelty or carved cakes.


Do you offer wedding cake tastings?

Honey-Belle Cakery offers tasting boxes for $45.

Each box includes 6 samples of cake in the form of cupcakes and rectangle baby cakes. You may choose these 6 flavours from the HBC Menu. Tasting Boxes are a great way to experience the taste and quality of a Honey-Belle Cake. Cakes are best eaten at room temperature while relaxing with your loved one and a hot cuppa. Tasting boxes are recommended for 2 people to share. If you'd like to share with friends then simply order two.

Tasting boxes go out every three months on a scheduled date and must be picked up from Centra Maitland NSW.

If you'd like to order a tasting box for the next scheduled date, check out the menu in the Weddings & Custom Cakes tab and get in contact.

I do not offer any of the Gluten Free or Vegan range in tasting boxes.

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