First Blog Post

I am so thrilled to be releasing my very first blog post (who even am I?)

With a few years of caking under my belt..(apron), I have gained such an amazing ‘cake comrade’ of customers, clients, other creatives, small businesses, social media friends and supporters.

With that said, I really wanted to create a place where all you cake-lovin people can get ‘a little extra slice’ of Honey-Belle (who doesn’t like a little extra slice?)…So without further ado…I welcome you to Sweet Little Reads -The Honey-Belle Cakery Blog where you can find all things from tips and tricks, behind the scenes, exciting projects, collabs, stories and a recipe or two.

I hope you enjoy keeping up to date and digging into more from Honey-Belle. Be sure to pop your email in the subscribe bar below so you hear from us first and can follow along.