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Terms & Conditions

Booking Deposits

  • Your booking deposit secures and reserves your date.​

  • Booking deposits are between 20-30% of your cakes total price.

  • Booking deposits are non-refundable.

  • It is your responsibility as the paying customer to read through the terms and conditions thoroughly.  

  • By Paying a booking deposit you are agreeing to Honey-Belle Cakery’s Terms and Conditions.

  • Terms and Conditions are provided and can be viewed on all invoicing including Booking Deposits and all further invoices that follow.

  • If you cancel your event or cake, your booking deposit cannot be refunded back to you or used as a credit for a future order.

  • If you need to move the date of your event to another future date due to an emergency, illness or pandemic related issue, We will do our absolute best to accommodate for our clients and couples by moving your booking deposit onto the new date chosen. However, Honey-Belle Cakery cannot guarantee our services for any new chosen date. In the case you need to forfeit your cake order, your booking deposit cannot be refunded to you.


  • Invoices are sent via email and must be opened and reviewed. All invoices clearly state a due date for the amount invoiced.

  • The amount due must be received by the indicated date. If your payment has not been received by the indicated date, your cake may be cancelled.

  • Payments are made via direct debit. Honey-Belle Cakery cannot be held responsible if a customer processes a payment to an incorrect account or to an incorrect recipient.

  • Honey-Belle Cakery will confirm with the client once a payment has been received. A receipt can be provided upon request.

  • Booking deposit amount must be paid as a whole.

  • Multiple payment instalments are welcome (excluding booking deposits) to pay off any owing balance. Please email Honey-Belle Cakery with the amount and date of any transfers being made.

  • The final Payment for your cake is due 2 weeks before your event date. Any changes you would like to make to your cake (including design, size & flavours) or additions must be communicated before this indicated date 2 weeks before your event. Any changes past this date cannot be guaranteed.


  • If you need to cancel your cake, you will be issued with a refund if the cake is cancelled 14 days prior to the event. This does not include your non-refundable booking deposit. Booking deposits are in place to cover any work gone into the planning of your cake, admin, ingredient/product purchases and any orders or work that was turned down due to being fully booked.

  • If Honey-Belle Cakery needs to cancel your cake due to personal circumstances or illness, a full refund will be issued and the opportunity to place another order in the future at a discounted rate will be provided.

Brand Entitlements and Exclusivity 

  • Honey-Belle Cakery reserved the rights to photograph all our creations and use these photographs on socials or in advertising at any time with no compensation to you or your other vendors.

  • If we are photographing or sharing other vendors/businesses work, we will always ask for permission and give full credit to their brand.

  • All products from Honey-Belle Cakery are solely planned, designed, made, and decorated by Chelsea and the Honey-Belle Team. The decorating part is a huge part of the design, and it is compulsory we are the only ones that do this. This includes the placement of fresh flowers!! As a Cake Decorating Business, we need to be the ones decorating the cake to ensure we can take whole credit and pride in our creations. We ask that you communicate this with your Florists, Stylists, and designers as early as possible. We take this policy very seriously as it protects Honey-Belle Cakery’s reputation as a brand. We cannot have a cake that has been made by us and decorated by someone else with our name on it.

  • In the event your florist has placed the flowers on you cake instead of Honey-Belle Cakery, they will be given credit to the decorating if shared on social media.

Damage & Responsibility

  • Honey-Belle Cakery is not responsible for any damage made to a cake after a delivery/set up has been complete. If a person moves, touches, or interferes with your cake or the environments it is in which results in damage to your cake, Honey-Belle Cakery cannot be held responsibility for this.

  • Cakes may need to be stored in refrigeration at your venue, especially if we are not confident in the room temperature the cake is being kept or displayed in upon delivery. It is up to you to ensure there is a fridge or cool room option available at your venue for Honey-Belle Cakery to utilise for your cake to be stored in.

  • In the warmer seasons, cakes may develop some condensation on the outer buttercream coat. This is caused when the cool cake comes out of refrigeration into a warmer environment. We will do all we can to remove most of this condensation though please understand it is not something we can stop from happening.

  • Your cake may be required to stay in refrigeration for and extended amount of time due to hot weather. Any advice given by Honey-Belle Cakery in regard to cake storage, display and cutting time dependant on weather, should be listened to and taken seriously. If you choose to not take our advice and recommendations, Honey-Belle Cakery cannot take responsibility for any damage cause to a cake by weather.

  • All Venues/Caterers receive a ‘Cake Cutting Guide’ which we give by hand upon cake delivery. This cutting guide is a sheet that contains all information on your cake: Description, flavours, size, dietary requirements, and any further information they need to know about your cake). It also includes serving details: How your cake is being served, how it needs to be cut, slice sizes and instructions on how to dissemble and cut to ensure you receive the right amount of cake slices. This cutting guide should be followed by the kitchen staff at your venue or caterers. Honey-Belle Cakery does not lay at fault if this guide it not followed correctly.

Transport & Delivery

  • Travel fee is 70c per km for the whole round trip.

  • Cakes with more than one tier are delivered by Honey-Belle Cakery. This is non-negotiable.

  • If you are picking up a single tier cake, we recommend you place the box flat on the passenger side floor or in the boot of your car with the aircon on cool. Honey-Belle Cakery will provide you with a piece of thin Rubber Grip Mat that should be place under the cake box on the car floor. This will ensure your cake box does not slide around on the car floor when you are driving. Never place your boxed cake on a seat in the car (what goes up must come down) if you slam your break on your cake will come down. Cakes can also be nursed by a passenger on their lap.

  • If Honey-Belle Cakery does not stand for any rudeness or disrespect by venues, staff, co-ordinators, other vendors or family and friends. Although very uncommon- If we feel unsafe or disrespected, we have the right to cease delivery and leave.

  • In the extremely rare event that damage has been made to your cake while in the hands of Honey-Belle Cakery or there has been a road incident during delivery, please understand that this may result in a later delivery than originally planned. Honey-Belle Cakery will take full responsibility for any errors or damage and will do the best job to ensure your cake arrives to the venue in well condition.

Transport & Delivery

  • Allergen Warning: All products are made in an environment where other products containing gluten, soy, eggs, nuts, and dairy are made so may contain traces of these allergens. All allergen free products are produced using equipment that has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised however may contain traces of allergens. If you are coeliac ordering GF or have an allergy to nuts, you are ordering at your own risk.

  • Please acknowledge fresh flowers are not a food product and should not be ingested as fresh flowers contain natural contaminants. If your cake has been decorated with florals and foliage that is not safe for human consumption, they will be sealed with food safe floristry tape.

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